Partial Government Shutdown 2019: Implication on US Immigration

The debate over border security funding continues as we enter the fourth week of 2019. There has been little to no sign of compromise or resolve between President Trump and Congress. Approximately 25 percent of government functions are currently shut down. How does this affect future and existing immigration cases? While the answer still remains […] Read more..

Alexis S. Axelrad to Speak at New York SHRM All-Day Legislative & Legal Conference

Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP would like to announce that our very own Alexis S. Axelrad will be speaking at the All-Day Legislative & Legal Conference on Thursday, October 18, 2018. The New York SHRM event will be held at Club 101, 101 Park Avenue (corner of 40th), from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. The […] Read more..

Family-Based Immigration: FAQs

Family-based immigration continues to be the primary vehicle used to gain U.S. citizenship and lawful permanent residence. Both citizens and legal permanent residents, commonly called LPRs, have the lawful right to sponsor others for visas if they meet the family member criteria under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Currently, family visas, or “Green […] Read more..

Family-Based Immigration: The Current Environment

Family-based immigration continues to be the primary way people gain lawful residency in the U.S., but recent policy shifts and potential future changes to the system have made the process increasingly worrisome for those contemplating this process. For example, during fiscal year 2016, more than 800,000 people — upwards of 70 percent of all immigrants — […] Read more..

Immigration Attorney Alexis S. Axelrad To Speak At Metro Women’s Leadership Summit

The Metro Women’s Leadership Summit will be held Friday, June 1, at the Newark Airport Marriott Hotel and this year’s lineup features a powerfully diverse group of female speakers. Among the prominent women leaders is attorney Alexis S. Axelrad from the prestigious New York law firm of Barst Mukamal & Kleiner. She will lead a Breakout […] Read more..

Attorney Alexis S. Axelrad Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary at Barst Mukamal & Kleiner

One of New York’s top immigration attorneys celebrates 20 years of dedicated service. Alexis S. Axelrad joined Barst Mukamal & Kleiner two decades ago, starting her career with the firm as a writer of the second edition of the firm’s treatise on US Immigration law. At one of New York City’s most well-established immigration law […] Read more..

Register for the Diversity Visa Lottery Starting October 18, 2017

The Department of State closed the Diversity Visa (DV) entry period for Fiscal Year 2019 which began on October 3, 2017 due to a technical issue.  Entries which were submitted between October 3, 2017 and October 10, 2017 are not valid and the Department of State has excluded these entries from the lottery system.  However, […] Read more..

Alexis S. Axelrad will be a featured speaker at the SHRM 2017 All-Day Legislative & Legal Conference

BMKLLP New York immigration lawyer, Alexis S. Axelrad, will be a featured speaker at the New York City Society of Human Resource Managers 2017 All-Day Legislative & Legal Conference. The event will take place on October 18, 2017, 8 am to 4:30 pm. The location will be Club 101, 101 Park Avenue, New York, New York. This […] Read more..

Alexis S. Axelrad to be featured speaker at The AILA RDC EMEA Fall 2017 Conference

Alexis S. Axelrad of BMKLLP will be speaking at The AILA RDC EMEA Fall 2017 Conference. This event will take place from November 12 through November 15, 2017. For more information, please visit the AILA RDC EMEA website here. Read more..

Turkey US Immigration Update: Suspension of Nonimmigrant Visas.

On October 8, 2017, the United States suspended all nonimmigrant visa services at U.S. diplomatic facilities in Turkey.  The United States aims to reevaluate the security of its U.S. Mission facilities and personnel during the suspension.  The suspension has been implemented for an indefinite period of time. In response, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has suspended […] Read more..